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Building an online presence to ensure potential customers see you or that your campaign is served up to the correct audience segment is an integral part of communications campaigns. Creating websites and apps, and producing organic and paid for content are services offered by Vesey Communications as part of communications campaigns.

Vesey Communications can help create a clear overview of the routes to market for your product / service. Providing a comprehensive audit of where your business is now and how it gets to next is a service that evolves as new channels develop.

Building your database takes time and it is important to communicate clearly with each segment of your audience in appropriate and relevant ways. Vesey Communications can organise your audiences and share updates with them in a timely fashion, dealing with feedback and engaging them in a positive and professional manner.

Researching the most authentic influencers to promote your campaign or cause is a service selected by clients who value the role played by individuals who are trusted by their audiences. Vesey Communications will select and negotiate with influencers to ensure maximum impact.

Encouraging people to change ingrained habits is a key service offered through Vesey Communications. From giving consideration to teaching or General Practitioner through to checking food hygiene ratings before choosing a restaurant to eat in, we have extensive experience of changing behaviours through creative campaigns.

We are adept at helping businesses and organisations build relationships with the media. Working with media influencers who can make or break reputations, our campaigns help clients build profile in target sectors.

Our clients enjoy the insights of experienced and hands-on communications professionals who know the media agenda inside out.

Not so long ago, it was mainly news media who could cause businesses and organisations headaches. Now corporate issues can and do surface by Tweets and social media posts, comments and complaints. We can advise and support you when issues arise with level headed responses and co-ordinated plans.

It can be scary and distressing to be caught in the eye of a media storm. Many companies and organisations have used Geraldine Vesey's expert media training modules and bespoke programmes.

We help identify their risk areas, and work with client leaders and executives in the do's and don'ts of media interviews and interaction. Our courses provide advice and practical techniques for print, broadcast and social media.

We may all be online but nothing can express a company's values and messages better than getting people together. We have launched leisure sector openings across the UK for national chains, boutique operators and independents.

We take responsibility for all the detailed business of staging an event, and deliver it with maximum impact and efficiency. If you are thinking of throwing a party or staging a press conference, we have extensive experience.

Our studio finds creative ways to use social and online channels to bring client stories to life. We can suggest a range of engaging approaches to communicate, including infographics, animated games and viral videos to complement your communications strategy.

Our Manchester base means we are at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse but we provide a news and content activation service across all the regions of the UK, often for campaigns for central government. Our regional journalist contacts take our calls and use our stories.

Communications projects require clients' stories to be told using content which is engaging and appropriate to the social channel, the technical factors and the language for the target audiences. Having been a Government approved supplier of editorial copywriting for public sector organisations for many years, Vesey Communications is a trusted supplier of words for campaigns and across communications channels.

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